Parameterized Function Example Kotlin Program


A function is a block of code written to perform a task. A function may be a parameterized function or a parameter-less function. A function may return a value or it may not return a value. The name of a function starts with a small letter and then follows CamelCase.


fun methodName(variable_name_1 : data_type, variable_name_2 : data_type) : return_data_type{
//Functionality code

Parameterized Function Example Program

fun main(args: Array < String > ) {
    val num1 = 11
    val num2 = 6
    //Calling function with 2 parameters num1 and num2 and assigning the result to num3
    val num3 = minValue(num1, num2) 

    //Printing result
    println("Minimum Value while comparison of num1 and num2 is = " + num3) 

//Function with Int return type
fun minValue(i: Int, j: Int): Int {
    val min: Int
    if (i > j) {
        min = j
    } else {
        min = i
    return min

Sample Output

Minimum Value while comparison of num1 and num2 is = 6