Not Null Assertion(!!) Operator in Kotlin


  • This operator converts the type of a boxed variable to not-null type.
  • This is represented by "!!"
  • When the asserted variable holds a null value, Null Pointer Exception occurs.


//"value" variable is asserted to a not null value.
val variable_name = value!!.length

Not Null Assertion Operator(!!) Example Program

//Not Null Assertion Operator Example Program in Kotlin
//Operator Kotlin Programs, Basic Kotlin Program

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    //Declaring boxed String
    var name: String? = "Little Drops"
    //Printing the length of the asserted value
    println("Length of $name is ${name!!.length}")
    //Setting null to the name variable
    name = null
    //This statement will create Null Pointer Exception
    println("Length of $name is ${name!!.length}")

Sample Output

Length of Little Drops is 12
Exception in thread "main" kotlin.KotlinNullPointerException
	at NotNullAssertionOperatorKt.main(NotNullAssertionOperator.kt:20)